STYRO – The Company

STYRO Insulation Mat Ind. (LLC) was established in 1999 to offer high quality and environmentally conscious Expanded Polystyrene Products & Services to its customers. Over the last decade and a half, we have come a long way to establish ourselves as the most reliable arts and crafts Styro shop in United Arab Emirates.

We offer extensive range of Styro Art & Décor products. There is a separate Art & Décor division established just to cater to the needs of this growing base of Polystyrene customers. We have gradually expanded this division by keeping in mind the changing demands of our customers. There is a whole range of new products rolled out to help customers rekindle their love for art related Styro DIY projects.

Who We Are?

At STYRO Insulation Mat Ind. (LLC) we are driven by the core values which we would like to associate ourselves with. These are the values which we strictly adhere to while manufacturing Styro products.

Eco-Friendly Products

We are very conscious about our carbon footprint which is why we only produce Styro foam that is 100% recyclable, minimizing our carbon footprint to the lowest possible levels.

Value Addition

One of the core beliefs which have driven our success over the years is value addition to our products. This approach helps us continuously exceed our customers’ expectations for all the products and services we offer.

Bespoke Styro Products & Services

The products and services offered by Styro Insulation Mat Ind (LLC) can also be customized according to your needs. This helps us deliver products and services as per your specifications.

Research & Development

Styro UAE strongly believes in continuously evolving itself to remain the leading Styro products and services provider within the region. This is why we keep on improving our production processes through research and development to deliver highest quality EPS products and services.

About Online Styro Shop

The online Styro shop is established to help businesses as well as individual customers get easy access to high quality Styro art & packaging products online. Use our e-commerce website to safely shop online from the wide range of Styro art products offered including Styro Stars, Styro Balls, Styro Snowflakes, Styro Sheets, Styro Hearts, Styro Dummy Cakes, Styro Cones, and Styro Discs & Cylinders. We also offer Styro Product Bundles, which come with ready to use items for different occasions. Our Styro Product Bundles include Styro Bundle for Easter, Styro Bundle for Kids, Styro Ramadan Pack, Styro Solar System Pack, Styro Christmas Bundle and Styro National Day Pack. You can use all these Styro Products and Product Bundles for different art and crafts projects.

Products & Services of Styro UAE

Styro Insulation Mat Ind. (LLC) has been divided into three product divisions. Let us have a look at each of these divisions.

Art & Décor

The Styro Art & Décor division takes the meaning of craftsmanship to the next level. Over the years we have contributed to several Styro Decoration Projects using combination of Styro products. Some of our well-cherished Art & Décor projects include Backdrops, Architecture Models, Thematic Events, and Visual Displays. We have worked on many high profile Styro art projects. One of these exciting projects was creation of the Styro Bridge as the background for the Mission Impossible 4 Movie. We also completed important Styro projects related to Easter decorations, 3D figures, wedding decorations, art projects, and RTA sand dune project.

Insulation & Construction

Our EPS products have been specifically designed to cater to needs of modern insulation requirements of the construction industry. The material is easy to handle and greatly reduces construction times. Our Styro products are readily used for “energy efficient construction projects” to significantly reduce energy costs. EPS products are used in different industrial applications including insulation of domes, insulation of pipes, thermal block inserts, piling cylinders, and raising floors.

Packing & Packaging

The product range offered by this division includes Styro sheets, Styro boxes, Styro chips, and Styro beads. Our packing & packaging products are cost effective, light weight and rugged. The packaging sheets and beads help reduce the unnecessary damage costs that businesses have to bear. We do also offer special packaging solutions as per the nature of your items.

Our Services

Styro UAE offers range of value for money services to customers geared up for different industries. We deliver high quality heat and cold insulation solutions for the construction industry. Our product range also includes Styro thermal insulation for the transport and cold storage industries. The sound insulation helps reduce noise, letting you sleep well and enjoy a quieter peaceful life. Pipe insulation is used for chilled water systems to protect against condensation and freezing.