Required Equipment for snowman:

  • 3 Styro Balls, 15, 20, 25 cm or of similar proportions. (See here)
  • 1 Styro Sheet (L 60 x W 30 x T 3CM) (See here)
  • Foam cutting blades/knife
  • Glue
  • BBQ wooden skewers
  • Sandpaper
  • Muffler scarf
  • Winter Cap (optional)
  • Paint/Markers (Optional)

Steps and Procedure:

Arrange all the equipment mentioned above and place the biggest ball on Styro sheet
Cut both sides of big and medium balls. For the small ball just cut only one side (See video for reference)
Place the balls on top of each other to give a raw Snowman shape. Make necessary cutting adjustments if needed. Repeat this procedure until you end up with best snowman shape.
If you are happy with the shape, let’s start gluing it all together. Glue the balls together and reinforce with skewers
Cut a small part from Styro sheet to make the snowman nose.
Use markers to outline the buttons. Use a knife to careful carve styro sheet. Use sand paper to smoothen the needed surfaces of buttons and nose. Now paint the according to the color of your choice. We painted the buttons black and nose as orange. (See above video as a reference.)
Try different accessories, buttons, mufflers, and faces according to the season.

Extra TIP:

Did you know, you can also make small snowman using only two Styro balls