Note: This is a craft and decoration ball that looks like a basketball & can only be used for decoration purposes only.

Required Items:

  • Styro Ball(s) of any size basket ball you would like to make (Get different size of Styro Balls here)
  • Wooden Skewer
  • Orange Paint (Water Based)
  • Paint Brush
  • Lead Pencil & Piece of String for markings and lining
  • Black Marker

Steps & Procedure:

Insert the wooden skewer into Styro ball. Start painting with the orange color. Once painted completely you may give a double coat to fill all the white gaps and make the paint uniform all around the ball.
Put the ball in an airy place to let it dry for at least half an hour.
After the ball is well dried. Use lead pencil and thread to start marking the lines to mimic basketball design. See video as a guide on how to mark the correct lines.
Later use the black marker to bold out and make the lines more visible. The markings will obviously be not perfect in your first try, so give it some time and keep drawing. Use the orange paint to cover any mistakes and errors you did while marking.

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