Required Items:

  • Styro UAE Map (See Here)
  • Glitter Packs (White, Black, Green and Red)
  • Paint & Painting equipment (Brush or small roller, Small Paint bucket or cut a bottle). Use white Paint. Use water based latex or acrylic craft paint.
  • Some cardboard or thick paper, can be cut from packaging box or shoebox
  • Scale and lead pencil or marking tools
  • Optional: Workplace Styro Sheet W 100 CM x L 100 CM x T 2.5 CM (See Here)

Steps and Procedure:

Fix the skewer inside Styro item to hold it while you glitter. Gently paint all around the item.
Mark 3 lines on the map to divide it into 4 different parts. Keep the Green area larger, Red area large, black and white of same sizes.
Start painting the whole map with white paint. Keep the marked lines clear.
While the paint is still wet, carefully pour the 4 types of glitter into separate areas as marked before. (See video for reference)
After glittering press the glitter with the help of cardboard to make it stick well.
Let the map dry for 15-20 minutes. Afterwards lift the map and shake it again to get rid of extra glitter.
Now use double tape or put a hook to hang it where ever you like. Celebrate the national day like a champ with your very own UAE glittery map.