Required Items:

  • 3x Styro Cones, small medium & large (depending upon your tree height requirements) (Buy cones from here)
  • Styro Sheet W 60 CM x L 100 CM x T 5 CM (See Styro Sheets here)
  • Craft paper
  • Paper/Foam cutting blades/knife
  • Glue

Steps & Procedure:

Cut one-third (1/3) of Large & Medium Styro Cones from top to make it a flat surface.
Use sand paper or knife to smooth the top surface. This is going to be used as a base for another cone on the top.
Cut and wrap the paper around Styro cones to give it nice and shiny look
Use adhesive and glue to stick the paper onto cones.
Next, stick the cones on top of each other with glue. being large at the bottom medium in the middle and smaller on the top.
Let your cone layered tree sit for some time while it dries.
Place your newly built tree in the corners, as a centerpiece or stick your favorite ornaments on it to display.

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