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Styro Balls and Spheres

The perfectly spherical shaped Styro Balls come in handy to showcase your artistic abilities. These Balls are produced while ensuring a high degree of accuracy and quality.

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They have become the foundation to many things that need to be created in a spherical shape. Styro Balls can be easily turned into fine pieces of art. They make up for a perfect foundation for art projects and crafts. Spray paint or embellish them with buttons, stones, ribbons or paper to make your own designer version of ornaments.

Available Sizes:

Ball Sizes in Diameters (CM)

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10 cm

15 cm

20 cm

25 cm

30 cm

35 cm

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Applications of Styro Balls

  • Styro Balls are used for several Christmas decorations ideas. The colorful hanging Balls wrapped in red or other colors spruce up your home interior.
  • Use Styro Balls for Christmas decorations; Apply colors or wrap them in colorful papers to make decoration pieces for your home.
  • Create snowman using three different sized balls placed on top of each other, you can add buttons to make snowman’s eyes later on and Polystyrene Cone as the nose.
  • They can be pierced through with a mesh wire to form geometrical shapes.
  • Small sized Styrofoam Balls are used to create beautiful ornaments gifted to children on birthday parties or family gatherings.


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