Required Items:

  • Styro Items (Hearts, Balls, Snowflakes, Stars, eggs, UAE Map etc.) (See Here)
  • For the base Styro Sheet W 60 CM x L 60 CM x T 5 CM (See Here)
  • Glitter Packs (Any color, depending upon your choice)
  • Paint & Painting equipment (Brush or small roller, Small Paint bucket or cut a bottle). Paint should be the same color of glitter if you don’t have matching paint use white paint. You may use red for warm colors and blue for cool colors. Use water based latex or acrylic craft paint.
  • BBQ wooden or bamboo skewers

Steps and Procedure:

Fix the skewer inside Styro item to hold it while you glitter. Gently paint all around the item.
While the paint is still wet, pour the glitter over your decorative item. Rotate the Styro item using a skewer to make sure all area is fully covered in glitter.
You may also use white glue instead of paint. However, as a best practice always use same color paint as it blends together with the same glitter nicely and looks very beautiful.
Press the glitter using a cardboard, paper or your hand to fully embed the glitter into paint. Don’t swipe, just press it down. Shake your items to get rid of extra glitter and your glittery decoration is almost ready.
Stick the bottom part of skewer down in the Styro Sheet, keeping your decorations standing in upward position. Leave your items for up to 15-20 minutes to dry.
Using glitter you can make, Glittery ball garlands, Glittered ball wreaths, use Styro balls over a Styro cone to make trees or any other decoration of your choice.