Note: This is a craft and decoration ball that mimics a real tennis ball & can be used for decoration purposes only.

Required Items:

  • Styro Ball (Get the Styro Balls here)
  • Wooden Skewer
  • Green Paint (Water Based)
  • Paint Brush
  • Piece of Tape (masking or insulation)
  • Cup or glass to mark circles
  • Lead Pencil

Steps & Procedure:

Use round objects such as a cup to draw 4 half circles over Styro Ball. Make sure you connect the 4 half circles to form a continuous ‘S’ letter shape. Now cut a masking tape of an adequate length and width. Use the masking tape to cover the marked area on Styro Ball. If you couldn’t draw the S shape properly you can correct now, while pasting the tape. Press the tape firmly and let it sit for a minute.
Insert the wooden skewer inside the ball. Hold the ball from skewer and start painting with water based Green color. Give it a second coat and make sure you do not leave any empty spaces. You are almost done.
Let the ball dry for at least 30 minutes in an airy place. Once you feel the ball is completely dried start removing the tape gently. Now completely remove the tape and you are done.
There you have it, a real looking tennis ball. You may play with it but it won’t bounce much. Use the ball as a center piece for decoration. Make some more tennis balls of different sizes and hang them in kid’s bedrooms or in sport events, such as tennis championships, cricket tournaments.

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