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Styro Cones and Pyramids

Styro Cones have become a sturdy foundation to many art DIY (do it yourself) projects. These light and easy to handle cones are made from 100% expanded polystyrene foam.

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Styro cones are used for making different crafty objects. Use Styro Cones as a strong base to provide robust support to your floral tree arrangements. You may color, spray paint or glitter these cones for your next art project. Styro Cones also make up for great prop items. There are many DIY decorative ideas where Styro cones can play a pivotal role.  Here are some of the most imaginative ways & DIY applications of Styrofoam cones.

Available Sizes Foam Cones:

Styro Cones Size Details


Size 1

Size 2

Size 3

Size 4

Size 5

Size 6

Size 7

Size 8

Size 9

Size 10

Cone Base Width (Diameter)

6 cm

8 cm

10 cm

11 cm

12 cm

13.7 cm

14 cm

17.5 cm

30 cm

55 cm

Cone Height

15 cm

20 cm

25 cm

30 cm


35 cm


38 cm


45 cm


50 cm


65 cm


85 cm


Applications of Styro Cones:

  • Make stylish ribbon trees of different colors using Styro Cones.
  • Wrap the Cones in colored paper to use for various decorative projects.
  • Imagine using these Cones to create rockets with tipped noses.
  • Use the Cone as a strong base and cover it with green paper to make a leafy green tree.
  • These Cones can also be used to create delicious fruit trees with eatables hanging all around.
  • Invert the EPS Cones & make a hole, plant artificial plants in them and hang on the ceiling or wall.
  • Create beautiful candy Christmas trees for shops & parties using the Cones or give them the color of your own choice.
  • The Styro cones can also act as an ideal base for a corner standing floral decoration.


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